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Annuities are arguably one of the most common, most utilized, yet most misunderstood financial products available to investors today. In fact, most investors have no idea that there are actually 4 very different types of annuities. Instead, most people have been misled by media and financial personalities who both misrepresent annuities and lump all 4 together, as if each works the same.

What is an Annuity?
Annuity - an amount of money that is systematically paid to a person for a specified period of time, often for the rest of his or her life.

Essentially, an annuity is a good old-fashioned stream of income. There are 4 different types of annuities available to consumers, and it likely makes sense to have at least 1 in a balanced retirement plan.

*Guarantees are based solely on the financial strength and claim-paying ability of the issuing company and compliance with product requirements.

Retirement Planning

You’ve worked hard for decades, been disciplined in saving, and survived stock market ‘ups’ and ‘downs.’ You’ve reached the top of the mountain, and you’ve earned it. While you might think that your journey to this point was the most difficult part, the hard part is about to begin. Studies show that retirees’ whose retirements fail did so because they failed to properly plan.

Decumulating assets is arguably more important than accumulation - especially in retirement. What sets Domingo & Associates apart is our advisors are able to formulate a custom-tailored retirement plan for you and your family’s needs. Relinquish anxiety and be at ease regarding possible ‘what-ifs.’ Reach out to us today, and we’ll custom build strategies that help you accomplish your financial goals and preserve your legacy.

Estate Planning

You’ve enjoyed a long, prosperous, and happy life. But as you grow older, its time to start planning for preservation of wealth, protection of family and legacy. Estate Planning is the process of making decisions that you wouldn’t want your family to have to make without you.

Estate Planning eliminates burden and tough choices for your heirs, your family, and your friends. Domingo & Associates can help you establish an estate plan that will fulfill your goals and objectives. We help through various, legal vehicles:

  • Wills

  • Trusts

  • Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare Decisions

  • Durable Power of Attorney for Financial Decisions

  • Conservatorships

  • Guardianships